Essay Topic Discussion (Week 7)

This post is a brief discussion about the two essay topics I’m debating between. The two topics are:

Does the extensive use of computer/video games have an adverse impact on the health of young people. What are the most recent papers? Clarify what all sides of the argument claim and only then offer your reasoned opinion based on facts.

Choose a cyberpunk story or movie. Compare the economic and social world it conjures with the real world today. How close is this imagined world to our world and are we moving towards the imagined world or away from it?

The first topic is interesting in a scientific and medical way. There are many studies, both medical and psychological, into the effects that video games have on developing brains and the affect it has in the long term for adults. So the depth of previous knowledge and research into this topic is extensive. And to this point, there are many opinions that both support and reject the effects of video games.

The second topic offers what I see as an easier approach to the assignment. Comparing a cyberpunk movie to real life is easy. Prediction where we are heading as a society is also somewhat simple. The problem with this topic is that there may be no conclusive research and statistics and revolves around theories and opinions.

Therefore, I have chosen to investigate the effects that video games have and do have on the health of young people in particular. This topic allows me to explore the question from several angles. The vagueness of the term “young” people allows me to discuss early brain and skills development 0-4 years as well as the effects on social skills for teenagers. Defining what young means is like knowing the length of the proverbial piece of string. To this extent I will discuss the pros and cons of video games on their uses at various ages of their life.

I will also be investigating the effects of ongoing use of video games rather than sporadic phases in a young person’s life. Can video games be used to educate people? Can they be used to improve certain skills? What are video games being used for in the fields of science, medicine and research? This allows me to compare sources both aged and recent on the various studies relating to video game use.

Finally, I will be discussing the concept of using video games as simulators for training and education. Can video games in the form of a simulator help to prepare the user for success in their chosen field? What have video games previously been used for in this way?

As this post is being written I have not conducted any research into the point addressed above. However, I have outlined a plan for the structure of the assignment (which I just explained).

Looking forward to finding some interesting and provocative arguments!!

Catch you later cats and kittens,

Anneleise xx


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