Social MEdia (Week 5)

Hooked on social media addictions

In today’s modern Western civilisations, we as humans use social media as much as we brush our teeth and go to the toilet… if not far more! Nearly a quarter of the total time spent on line for the average adult is on social networks (Ewer 2012).

I created a survey to understand the what makes social media users tick and the influences that make them regularly use social media websites. The results showed a growing trend of extreme social media use due to habit and social peer pressure. Our society is so conditioned and encouraged to participate in social networking, that overuse has been overlooked. A “normal” amount of use on these websites i often equal to the amount of time we spend avoiding social media. Impromptu surveys of my friends also showed that no matter what or where the task, a social media page would be open or running in the background and that the urge to resist checking their social media feeds was next to impossible. What is this addiction proving? Can social media addiction be used positively?

I am me. I am social ME-dia. We are constructed by our environments.

Click here for the link to my survey. Please feel free (but not obliged) to take the time to read and complete it.

Catch you later cats and kittens,

Anneleise xx

Chained to social media


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