Old or New communication? (Week 1)

NB:// When referring to ‘society,’ that is Western Civilisation. Other societies will be clarified.

Society today revolves around our connections and use of technologies available to us. This is a fact. In the twenty-first century we rely on technology to do commonplace tasks more than ever before in history. Is this natural progression? Or are we lazy and choose not to engage our brains as much? But not only are we moving away from “manual” calculations and work, but also moving away from older communication technologies as we progress and develop. So it becomes apparent to ask the question of how do we distinguish between old and new communication technologies?

The adjective “old” describes something that was made or built long ago, belonging to the past and showing the signs of age. However, this does not make an old technology extinct or insignificant. The problem is that as technology advances, the previous forms become less efficient and less capable. But they deserve credit, right? Because for each thing that is created an improved on, the original still paved a way forward and without that development each new development would not happen. An example of an old communication technology would be the fax machine. Some would say that the fax machine is still as useful as ever, but it too has been replaced by something that does the job quicker and easier. Consider and compare the process of using a fax machine to the ease of using a scanner to send an email. So today we would say that a fax machine is “old technology.” But it still works, exists and is as simple as ever, s how can this be? Perhaps it is our boredom and impatience that causes us to disregard something like the fax machine now that there are newer more effective technologies.

The next question that must be asked is under what circumstances will new communication technology become old? The answer is apparent by comparing what we have and what we use to what we used to have. A communication technology will become old when new and innovative creations are more useful and popular than their predecessors. In terms of research and learning, books are becoming obsolete, as are the libraries that house them. The internet has revolutionised the way humans communicate and learn but is it really more beneficial than books and when will it too become old? It is also important to consider the “digital divide” and its implications. The “digital divide” is the split between cultures that have access to digital technologies and those that don’t (Friedman 2005). However, the phrase does not accurately describe the nature of the issue. It focuses on the having and not-having of technology, when realistically what matters is the ability to benefit from technology. Are we as a society really benefitting or sliding backwards towards illiteracy and ignorance?

Catch you later cats and kittens,

Anneleise xx


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Controversial First Introductions (Week 1)

When doing introductions, there’s always that one person that tries to think outside the box but fails miserably for being creative. That person is me. And in our first interactive name-learning game during class I thought I’d be unusual. The background to the situation is that we had to go around the circle sharing our names and an animal that started with the first letter of your name and preferably describing you in one way or another. Along with myself, several other people had names starting with the letter “A.” And then there were the usual animal suspects- ant, antelope, albatross, alligator, you get the picture. I thought to myself “Here’s a good idea; link yourself to an axolotl.” Well, that definitely caught people off guard. Not only had they never heard of such an animal, but also struggled to remember it or how to pronounce it. Having said all this, the group definitely remembered my name and who I was so in many ways I was extremely successful.

The point of this post, however, is to enlighten you on exactly what a axolotl (pronounced ax-oh-lot-ull) is. Commonly known as the “Mexican Walking Fish,” the axolotl is in fact an amphibian and a salamander ¹. It looks like a cross between a lizard and a fish but is far more appealing and adorable. It’s gills and tail resemble the features of a dragon and it can be bred in various different colours including shades of grey and brown, white, golden albino and white albino. Interestingly enough, they are actually covered in skin, not scales!³ They grow to be about 25-30cm in length and can live for 8-10 years². And, wait for it, they also always look like they’re smiling! In conclusion, they’re pretty amazing, so I’m glad I chose that animal to represent me.

Look at it’s little face and try not to smile back. Impossible!

The name “axolotl” derives from the Aztec language “Nahuatl.” Popular translations of the name link the axolotl to the Aztec god Xolotl of deformations and death, however a more widely accepted translation is that of a “water-dog.” ¹ This video goes into more depth and facts about the fascinating creature.

Below is an enjoyable video to spread the love for the axolotl.

Catch you later cats and kittens,

Anneleise xx


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Welcome! (Week 1)

Hello world!

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to any and all readers of my new blog which is dedicated to the trials and tribulations (and by that I mean university homework) of New Communication Technology. But before we indulge in the interesting stuff I must digress and tell you a bit about me. That’s me below in Barcelona!

So basically, I’m a first year university student at Griffith University on the sunny Gold Coast. I’ve been living here since I was four and half and went to St.Hilda’s School just around the corner my whole life. YES, it is an all girls’ school and before you ask any more, I LOVED it and wouldn’t change my schooling experience for anything. I work in the theme parks; at Movie World as a ride operator and at Australian Outback Spectacular as a waitress. It’s hard work, but it’s a lot of fun. And at the risk of sounding cliche, the tourism/hospitality industry is very rewarding. The people you meet and the satisfaction you get from making someone’s day is irreplaceable.

Last year, I went exploring all over Europe during my gap year. When I wasn’t working at a boarding school in a small country town in England I was off here, there and everywhere adventuring and making the most of the proximity of other cultures in Europe. Although it was the best year of my life, so far, unfortunately now I have caught the travel bug. My sights are set on working in the ski fields in Canada this coming summer (their winter) and I’m already in the process of applying for a university exchange for 2013! When I turn 21 I would like to compete in the Amazing Race with my best friend, and after that we want to be Topdeck Tour Leaders in Europe before our lives get too serious. So I guess you could say things are looking pretty exciting!

Currently I’m studying a double degree; A Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Communications. I chose this program because I had no idea, and still have no idea, what kind of career I want to have… much less what kind of person I aspire to be! But I’m a firm believer in the learning process and the journey along the way. What I’m trying to say is that I think everything happens for a reason and hopefully I’ll manage to find my “dream job” during that process. Until then, I’ll take part in any and all university life to get a taste of life. Next on the agenda- Australian University Games in Adelaide!

I’m always determined and self-motivated, always remaining positive and optimistic. These characteristics along with a humble integrity are what make me an individual and also a good asset to any organisation. I know that sounds like a big gee-up about me, but I thinks it is always important to acknowledge the things that make you a value to society, the things that you’re proud of; apart from my dashing looks and charisma of course (kidding!). I’m always up for a laugh and won’t do anything without giving 100% effort. I’d like to think I can find the sunshine and the fun in any situation. As a consequence, I’m always smiling, laughing and enjoying myself. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with horoscopes and all that (I’m a Cancer by the way) but I do get pretty superstitious so I like to keep the positive energies flowing. Anyway, I’m always here to chat and always keen to socialise so don’t be a stranger (honestly, I’m friendly and don’t bite)!

I’ll be using this blog to explore key concepts which we cover in the New Communication Technology subject as well as giving personal insights and creating interesting posts.

As Truman would say “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

Catch you later cats and kittens,

Anneleise xx